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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Packing up and rehearsing

It's a perfect fall day in Vancouver.
I'll be packing up the pop up shop that started on September 22nd on Main St at the weekend.It's been an Amazing experience thanks to everyone who helped and The Birkeland family !
Things went so well the first weekend that (with the permission of the owner) I've kept it open at the weekend. This week I had a few requests to open up during the week so I've been opening by appointment , our  studio is just down the road.
 Combine the Victorious is getting ready for our Stockholm & London tour, heading out on the 11th of October . We're thinking of rehearsing in the pop up space to test out the show this weekend so you are very welcome to pop by 3573 Main St  as we pack up and practise!
p.s. Made a  lovely connection with Cheryl @ Monarchy Boutique 1302 Victoria Dr. look out for the coats appearing there soon !


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